Membership Requirements - Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh

Eligibility of Membership:

  • "Member" generally means any person who is enrolled in the register of the Society in any of the categories ( eg. general member, associate member, life member, Honorary member).
  • The membership of the Society shall be opened to all Surgeons having postgraduate degree or diploma recognized by BMDC in the different branches of the Surgical Faculty on payment of subscription and fees as may be provided thereinafter shall be a member of the society. The admission shall be subject to the rules and regulation of the society and the mode and condition of the election of the membership shall be determined in accordance with the bye-laws prescribed from time to time. This shall not hold good for "Honorary Membership" that may be conferred on special circumstances.


  • Any member who has ceased to be a member by resignation or non-payment of subscriptions can be admitted on fresh application be made him and on payment of any dues outstanding against him on the date when ceased to be a member. The Executive Council may, however, have the right to write off a part or whole of any outstanding dues against such member on the recommendation of the branch concerned or in the case of direct member on its own initiative in special circumstance.
  • The members whose name has been removed under article (10/C) may be re-admitted on the expiry of 5 years or thereafter provided their application for re-admission is supported by 10 members of the society testifying to his good conduct during the interim period.

Duration of Membership:

  • Every member shall remain a member until his membership is terminated in accordance with the provisions contained hereinafter.

Termination of Membership: The membership of the society may be terminated in any of the following ways

  • Default in the payment of subscriptions: Removal of name from Member’s registers due to non-payment of subscriptions after the final notice If the dues are not cleared by 31st March. A reminder notice for payment of dues shall be served on members who have not cleared their dues by 31st May, then a final notice shall be served on the member and failure to pay the full dues by 30th June of the year shall make him/her a defaulter.
  • Termination by resignation: A member at any time may resign from his membership by giving 30 days notice in writing to the secretary general of the society or to the branch secretary. The resigning member shall have to pay up all the dues against him/her and the secretary concerned shall put up a statement of outstanding dues and claims against such members. On payment of all dues a clearance certificate shall be issued by Treasurer/Secretary General and his resignation letter shall be considered by the Executive Council of the society (when forwarded by the branch in case of branch member).
  • Removal on grounds of undesirable conduct: If the conduct of any member be deemed to be prejudicial to the interest of the society or of medical profession the Executive Council (with the recommendation of branch executive committee if he/she is a member of the branch) may ask such member to submit a written explanation of his/her conduct. In the event of the explanation being found- unsatisfactory the member may be asked either to apologize or resign from the society. If the member is agreeable his/her apology or resignation may be accepted. In the event of the said member refusing either to apologize or to resign or even he /she refuses to submit an explanation to defend his / her conduct, an inquiry should be done giving him/her scope for his/her defense. If after due enquiry he/she is found guilty he/she may be expelled from the society.

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