Message from Secretary General - SOSB

Message from Secretary General


Greetings from Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh (SOSB). My heartiest gratitude for electing me to serve as your Secretary General for the year 2020-2021. I reiterate my promise to ensure creative leadership and accountable governance

In 1979 Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh (SOSB) was brought forward as the parent organization for all surgeons including all specialties and sub-specialties by the founding members with a unified goal to construct a forum for exchange of ideas and skills, inspiring innovation, sharing the invaluable experience of seniors and motivating the upcoming surgeons.

I would especially like to thank the founding members for their never-ending enthusiasm and passion for the society. Without the support of the members and affiliated societies, I would not have progressed this far. In the coming years, the society will continue to contribute on a larger scale for education and training in the field of Surgery and Allied branches through multiple scientific activities.

SOSB has already performed multiple workshops and courses with various international and regional societies and will continue to do so. This divergence creates a vast network to exchange the knowledge and surgical practices that help young surgeons be the best in their field. This year we will be taking the society to a whole new level.

The elitist nature of the Society is apparent from the very beginning and the difficulties of fusing individuals with powerful personalities- separated by vast distances before the ease of communication which we enjoy today- should not be underestimated.

Our mission is

  • Publishing a ‘Surgeon’s Diary’ two yearly; because as an organized society it is of utmost importance that a diary containing the personal and contact details of the surgeons from all over Bangladesh exist to ease the way of getting in touch. This idea will surely create a wave of difference in the community of surgeons to encourage, participate and get involved.
  • Providing SOSB membership ID card & membership certificate.
  • Publishing a half yearly scientific newsletter containing the clinical and extra-curricular activities of the Surgeons all over the country.
  • Organizing ‘Research methodology workshop” twice a year to aid the research work of both new & upcoming members of SOSB.
  • Providing research grant through a bona fide authorized body from SOSB to junior surgeons to inspire the new innovation and research activities.
  • Organizing ‘Basic Surgical Skill Course’ and ‘Communication and Counselling Skill Development Course’ for the Intern Doctors.

Congratulations to the all-new and existing members of SOSB for their endless support, co-operation and faith without which this publication would never been a success.

I again welcome you all and emphasize on my hope to have all surgical facilities in our region to be of uniform standards and at par with all the top societies in the world.

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