Message from President - SOSB

Message from President


As the President of the Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh (SOSB), I welcome each & every one of you to play a more profound role in the activities of our surgical society.

The last 2 years have been a major challenge for all sectors of health, in fact for all people from all walks of life.

The unprecedented health crisis in COVID-19 has posed considerable hindrance to the plans chalked out by SOSB. I must thank the previous President of SOSB for steering the ship so well among the tumultuous times of the pandemic. As we step into a new era of “living with” the pandemic, we at SOSB must foster motivation and peer support for the entire generation of surgeons.

The upcoming term is already shaping to be a busy year. We expect to have packed arenas throughout for exchange of skills and knowledge, under the banner of SOSB. Electronic communication has taken center stage in this pandemic, and we must make apt use of this to promote the activities of SOSB.

SOSB is the parent of all surgical societies. With this great stature, comes great responsibility. Just as patient service and education is our duty, building strong leadership among our emerging generation of surgeons is our equal responsibility. Inspiring the generation to be just leaders, offering best care to our patients and standing as a role model for communities is our ultimate goal.

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