History and Objective of SOSB - Society of Surgeons of Bangladesh


The foundation of SOSB was laid in 1979. It was the brainchild of all the surgeons of Bangladesh with a vision to form a platform for the development of surgical skills.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide an organization for the benefit and services to the patients suffering from various surgical problems and associated conditions.
  • To promote the surgical health, to educate and motivate the public for the prevention of surgical diseases.
  • To study the courses, treatment, resuscitation and rehabilitation of patients suffering from surgical problems and to disseminate information concerning the same.
  • To protect and advance the interests, rights and privileges of the surgeons of Bangladesh.
  • To create and maintain a spirit of unity, co-operation, solidarity and fellow-feeling among the surgeons of Bangladesh, other members of Medical Profession and other workers in the service.
  • To promote professional efficiency of the surgical personnel and ensure quality control amongst the members.
  • To maintain and uphold the dignity, honour and prestige of the surgical profession in delivering services to the humanity.
  • To promote lectures, discussions and conference in surgical and associated diseases for the information and benefit of the patient and public in general.
  • To undertake and promote research work on surgical sciences.
  • To improve surgical services to the public.
  • To take measures for the improvement and advancement of both the undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Bangladesh
  • To assist, co-operate, affiliate and join in federation with national and international organization holding similar aims and objectives.
  • To print, publish and circulate any paper, periodicals, books and pamphlets that the society may think desirable for the promotion of its objectives.

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